A new internet is being built on real-time gaming technology. Instead of a network of 2D websites, it will be a network of 3D spaces filled with avatars. Architects will become the web designers of the 21st century — Michael Dean

The rise of the Metaverse (Spatial internet) is a…

The above apartment symbolizes emptiness rather than minimalism

The above apartment symbolizes emptiness rather than minimalism. Most of the things we believe as minimalism is just emptiness. Emptiness is not necessarily a bad thing. The point of discussion is how minimalism & emptiness is different rather than which is better.

Allow me to take you through the journey…


Is it the materials used or the construction techniques used makes a building beautiful.Is it the time period on which the building is built.

The short answer,It is none of those things.Sorry for being a buzzkill.If you are still interested ,Let’s dive in to understand why.


Just like good food…

PC — Aditya Joshi

Architecture is definitely an political act — Peter Zumnthor

As spacemakers,we are trained to look at

  • Natural ecosystems through the lens of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Ecology etc.
  • Social ecosystems through the lens of Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Anthropology, History etc.
  • Artificial ecosystems through the lens of Engineering, Business,Law etc.
    Through this multifaceted…

An space is never built & will be never built as envisioned by the designer.The idea will be reduced and adapted as it goes through the multiple layers of architectural process from conception to creation.

1.Cognition layer

When the idea is born in the mind.We immediately start to censor and…

Digital native Interior firms like Livspace will disrupt the interior design industry especially in India through e-commerce.Today we are going to discuss why it is happening.

Disclaimer : These article is my observations rather than the absolute truth,It is bound to have mistakes.Let me know if you find any.

Most of you will wonder what the hell is an digital native Interior firm ?

Most of you will think what on earth is an digital native…

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